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Inquiry-letter to; Office of the Data Protection Commissioner Ireland; Concerning; ACCESS Denied to facebook-account without sentence of the Austrian courts

Mag.a Rose-Mary B. Hoedl-Baumann

Initiative gegen Sachwalterschaftsmissbrauch 

Association contre les abus de l´incapacité en Autriche 

Association against abuse of personhood - Republic of Austria

A-1230 WIEN

Austria - Österreich - Austrija - Autriche


Facebook Ireland Limited
Hanover Reach
5-7 Hanover Quay
Dublin 2


Office of the Data Protection Commissioner.

Canal House, Station Road

Portarlington , Co. Laois

IRELAND Vienna, April 20th, 2015

censorship in Austria - blocking of my facebook-account "Österreichisches Justizopfer" with 500 friends

Dear Facebook-Friends Europe, dear Facebook-Center of Europe Ireland,

unfortunately my Facebook-account "austrian victim of courts" was closed. I am very sorry because I had about 500 friends added.

I got no information by the Austrian authorities WHY this facebook-account was blocked. Maybe there was a Hacking attack against my facebook-account. When I try to log in I get the message: "IHR KONTO WURDE GESPERRT" - your account was closed, blocked....

My AIM was and is to help people under personhood, people with no human rights, there are about 100.000 victims in Austria. They have no human rights and their houses and flats (appartments) are stolen. They have to live and die in very bad institutions for old, sick, mentally ill people. But sometimes people lose their civil rights only because they know too much or they wrote some very secret things as reporters and journalists at their Web-Sites.

Some journalists call this censorship in Austria "white torture".

So I added three facebook-groups in order to HELP the victims of abuse of human rights in Austria.

I also founded a facebook-group for victims of abuse of human rights in Austria.

Personhood - "Sachwalterschaft" - abuse of personhood in Austria

Why do I do this?

I myself was under personhood (although I have academic degrees and studied at the University Graz, Austria) and lost all human rights from December 2008 until August 2011. I had no right to go to court and to complain although there are a lot of causes of action because I LOST all human rights by personhood which is called SACHWALTERSCHAFT!

There is a banner on me - I am not allowed to work, although I am well educated for instance as an consultant for the software SAP. I am not allowed to get a credit at the bank. I do not exist as a human person, although the personhood is finished. I was annointed as a suppressive person - concerning the fair game-order 67!

The reason why I lost all human rights, all civil rights was: I have been witness for some murder and illness in the ministries of Austrian government.

Dear Facebook-friends, dear Facebook-center in Europe,

This is my main question:

Could you help me to get an access to my facebook-account "Österr. Justizopfer" (which I founded in 2011) again - also to the facebook-groups I added.

This would be very nice.

I hope that you can talk or write to the Austrian authorities (for instance Minister of Justice Dr. W. Brandstetter) to help me and to get a log-in again.

I suppose that my facebook-data are saved on different servers in Facebook-Centers in Europe and around the world.

Yours sincerely

Rosemary from Austria

Excuse my Austrian English!

This letter is just a draft - I will translate in French and Spanish language also - maybe also Russian, Chinese and serbo-croatian!

The French translation will be necessary for the European Court of Human Rights!

A last question: Is there a possibility to restore my facebook-account, can I take a view into the FACEBOOK-ARCHIVES? Is it possible for me to get the log-in/ the access to my facebook-account via TOR-NETWORK like Chinese people do, whose facebook-accounts are closed.






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